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REVIEWED: CoreSport Workout Top

Sweat proof and breathable, this quick dry T-shirt is ideal for travel

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Have you ever worn a cotton T-shirt to a hot and humid destination? It’s always a mistake. The trouble with cotton is that it doesn’t wick away sweat, so you end up with wet T-shirts that take a long time to dry.

Merino or man-made?

There are two possible solutions to this problem. The first is to wear merino wool T-shirts, they can be expensive and have a relatively short shelf life. The second is to wear man-made fabrics, which are becoming more and more advanced. Cue CoreSport, a t-shirt designed for workouts made from a fabric that’s not only quick-drying, but its makers claim it cools you down the harder you workout.


So TravGear put it to the test. Upon first wearing, we couldn’t help noticing that the entire back panel of this T-shirt seems completely transparent. However, when you actually put it on, it’s not. Okay, so it’s quite figure-hugging, but that’s probably a good thing for most workouts. It’s comfortable to wear, and it’s one of the most crease-free garments we’ve come across. Seriously, you can roll-up the CoreSport and shove it into a bag without any creases appearing.

No sweat

During a half-hour run, the CoreSport did get sweaty, but not much. The human body sweats to cool itself down, of course, and what the CoreSport does is to not interfere with that natural process. How? There’s barely anything to it. Super-thin and yet strong enough not to tear – unlike merino wool – the CoreSport lives up to its claims and is an intriguing T-shirt for travel.

Versatile travel tee

Able to prevent the wearer from dripping with sweat during workouts, remain unwashed afterwards for a few days and not smell, but also able to dry in a couple of hours after a quick wash, CoreSport is a great option for active types that travel to humid areas and like to hit the gym or go for a run.

Price as reviewed: US$49

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