Monday, June 24, 2024
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These everyday shoes are great for dry humid trips to cities and beaches

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Shoes should breathe. Hit a city for a weekend in summer and most shoes will leave your feet a sweaty mess, but finding footwear made from a breathable mesh is really hard. For years TravGear has been using the excellent Teva Churn, a ‘water shoe’ made for river-runners, but they’re long discontinued. Cue Keen’s UNEEK EXO.

Keen UNEEK EXO review: style

Although the Keen UNEEK EXO are modelled loosely on the Keen UNEEK sandals that TravGear wasn’t a massive fan of, the design flourishes don’t extend much beyond some intricate lacing on the flanks.

Keen UNEEK EXO review: slip-on, slip-off

The Keen UNEEK EXO were mostly good in the TravGear test. Combining convenience and enabling a secure fit, the single-pull lace design is one we like, and when fitted there’s a secure feel. They’re easy to slip on and off, thanks also to the soft mesh upper. As a bonus, the back of the shoe is soft, too, so it’s impossible to break when slipping the shoe on and off.

Keen UNEEK EXO review: secure fit

When we were out and about, these shoes felt comfortable and secure with the small exception of some minor slippage at the heel. That was solved by inserting some Superfeet, which what TravGear uses for all footwear in any case.

Review: easy to pack

They’re easy to squash down into luggage, so even if you’re travelling light you can consider taking an extra pair of shoes (not that TravGear would even make so serious a packing faux pas, of course). Best of all, the Keen UNEEK EXO are both lightweight and do indeed offer plenty of breathability, which mean drier, happier feet.

Price as reviewed: UK£80/US$80

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