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Thanks for visiting our website! is a website set-up by British travel, technology, and science journalist Jamie Carter, and run by Gill Carter. 

Jamie and Gill have been traveling together as a couple since the 1990s, for both leisure, and on business. We love adventure, culture, and food, but most of all, we like to travel light. Really light. Not quite spare underwear-and-a-credit card, but pretty close. Traveling ultra-light requires discipline, but it makes travel stress-free— and it’s kinder to the planet! 

How do you travel light? Shhh! It’s a secret! 

Seriously, it is. Why? We don’t know, but so few travelers know what to buy and how to approach traveling light. 

That’s why we started 

To travel light successfully means choosing great travel gear and gadgets. Travel products that are compact, lightweight, quick-drying, long-lasting, and brilliantly designed are what will allow you to travel light.

We know, we use and we love these products. We review them for a living, either professionally or for outdoor magazines or consumer technology websites. We know the latest travel gear and gadgets, we get to try them out and, more often than not, we can compare them to last year’s. 

Together we set-up and run to help the world follow our example of how to travel light, and travel right. 

As a travel journalist, Jamie has helped popularize the concept of traveling light, ‘daysacking’, and ‘flashpacking’. His advice on how to travel light has been published across the globe: 

Here’s an article Jamie wrote for T3

Backpacking vs flashpacking: which kind of travel is best for you?

And another for the South China Morning Post

Seven ways to travel light, from crease-free suits to convertible trousers

And another for Forbes, where he’s a weekly contributor: 

Future Air Travel Is ‘Touchless’ Yet Terrifying: Fewer Flights, Sudden Border Closures, No Movies

Whether you’re after reviews of the latest carry-on suitcase for a business trip or a backpack to get you around the world, you’re in good hands. 

It’s all about ‘wash ‘n’ wear’—two pairs of quick-dry underwear and socks, a travel shirt and an ultra-light laptop”

Jamie and Gill Carter,