Saturday, July 20, 2024
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REVIEWED: ZIIZ Beach pillow

Ending neck-ache and back pain from sun-beds and sun-loungers, this inflatable pillow is the ultimate travel gadget for sun-seekers

You wait all year to go on holiday then when you finally get yourself on a sun-bed, you can’t relax. After all, hard plastic or wood slats are hardly the most comfortable thing to lay your head on. Cue ZIIZ, an inflatable pillow designed specifically for sun-bathers to get their fill of vitamin D without getting neck-strain. After all, even sun-seekers need some ZZZs.

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Easy to travel with

The ZIIZ Beach pillow is 38x15cm, and is designed to be wrapped in a towel casing. Available in pink or blue, in the box is the plastic inflatable pillow itself, the towel cover, and a small drawstring that measures 28x22cm. When deflated and all packed-up for travel, it’s a neat package that’s easy to travel with, and weighs 266g all-in.

Inflatable fun

It inflates really easily, thanks to a good quality two-part valve; you blow into it to inflate it, but when you pause, air flows out. So simply attach the valve and then top it up. However, you must first insert the deflated pillow into the towel cover before you attempt to inflate it.

Elastic strap

Once you’ve inflated it, you can pass its elastic strap around the back of a sun-lounger very easily. There’s even a buckle to pull it tight. In use, TravGear found the ZIIZ Beach pillow really comfy. It’s a simple and stress-free gadget, but apart from it being so easy to inflate, what we liked about it most was its quality constitution. The towel case is really easy to wash, too.

Other uses

There are a couple of other uses for the ZIIZ Beach pillow. As we snoozed off on a sun-lounger we suddenly panicked about our hotel room key and phone, so stashed them in the pillow cover and zipped it up. Although it’s no the U-shaped pillow normally designed for using on a plane, it works rather well if you half-inflate it.

Price as reviewed: £24.99

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