Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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REVIEWED: Jawbone Jambox portable Bluetooth speaker

With a almost six-hour battery, this tiny block of a speaker is truly designed with travel in mind

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Price as reviewed: £160

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This tiny block of a speaker is truly designed with travel in mind. If it falls short on its internal battery’s six-hour life, the Jawbone Jambox delivers elsewhere with hands-free answering a handy add-on to Bluetooth streaming.

Streaming tunes

If you’re streaming tunes from a smartphone and a call comes in, the Jawbone Jambox will fade-out the music and switch its mic on. This kind of hands-free option is not only impressive, but it takes products like the Jawbone Jambox from a novelty travel gadget to genuine productivity-boosting equipment for business travellers, too.

Surprising bass

Audio from the 57x40x151mm, 347g Jawbone Jambox has surprising bass and goes relatively loud without distorting, though it can’t match the best in this department.

Easy to travel with

One of the easiest wireless Bluetooth speakers to travel with, the Jawbone Jambox makes for a cracking travel companion for casual use, though it is over-priced.