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MSR Elixir 2 two-man tent review

The MSR Elixir 2 lightweight and highly live-able two-man tent proves perfect for hiking, backpacking, and travel

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When it comes to a tent, you can always cut down on weight. MSR’s own Carbon Reflex 2 Featherweight two-man tent weighs a paltry 840g (1 lb 3oz), but there’s always a trade-off to be made. After all, if you’re going to enjoy your trip, you need a little room to move once you’re inside, and somewhere to store your kit. Cue the MSR Elixir 2, a backpacking tent TravGear was proud to call home for over a week.

Carry that weight

Used for an entire week in the rainy Brecon Beacons in Wales, the Elixir 2 didn’t just stay dry. MSR calls it ‘the most livable 2-person backpacking tent in its class’, and during those seven days – including four journeys on foot and public transport – the Elixir 2’s extra weight was worth carrying.

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Two doors

OK, so we’re not talking elephantine sizes here; the Elixir 2 clocks in at 2.64 kg (5lb), which includes a pretty sizeable tent. Its 500-liter capacity comprises two large doors – one on either side, which is great if there are two of you traveling – two large semi-outdoor vestibules for storing gear, and (crucially) plenty of room to sleep.

Breath test

During the week in Wales TravGear was fairly warm – a few cold, clear nights aside – and condensation didn’t prove much of a problem save for one 48-hour period when it rained and rained (and rained). Even then, it had little effect on anything. The Elixir 2 is waterproof and breathable enough.

Easy to set-up

There’s something about the Elixir 2 that makes it both easy to set up and easy to live in. Its poles flex and bend to a remarkable extent, but they cross on the top. Another small pole keeps them spaced out up there to avoid a pitched interior, creating a lot of headroom. It’s a great design.

Genius design

With color-coded poles, clips, and webbing for a simple and quick set-up, a groundsheet, breathable inner, and rain-proof outer, the MSR Elixir 2 excels with its double-door design. It’s genius! Wild camping in pairs just got better.

Price as reviewed: $225 / £205