Five tiny tents for treks and travel

Ultralight so easy to pack, these one-man tents are great for long distance hikes, mountain ascents and general solo travel


01 – Hilleberg Unna

This 2kg one-man tent has a dome design that can support and keep out heavy snow. It’s designed for the remote camping needs of trekkers, mountaineers, cyclists, canoeists and kayakers.
07 – Hilleberg Unna.jpg

02 – MSR Hubba NX

A mere 1.12 kg, this ultralight solo backpacking tent is at its best in rain; its fly sheet is rain-proof and it has an integrated rain gutter.
01 – MSR Hubba NX.jpg

03 – Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1

For hikes and long cycle rides, this backpack and pannier-friendly ultralight double-wall shelter works well. It weighs just 550g.
05 – Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1.jpg

04 – Hilleberg Enan

A single pole construction allows this three-season ultralight tent to weighs 960g, proving that less is always more when it comes to backpacking tents.
04 – Hilleberg Enan.jpg

05 – The North Face O2

Though mostly now a pointless fashion brand, The North Face shows it’s still got something worthy of proper travellers. This double-wall 1.02 kg tent has loops for hanging a lamp, and room for a companion, too.
06 – The North Face O2.jpg

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