Friday, April 19, 2024

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker review

Always losing your gear? Keep track of your stuff using a tiny tag and your smartphone

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As Bluetooth trackers gain in popularity they are also improving. This latest version of the Tile can now have its battery replaced so there’s now no need to chuck it away after a year. That’s a relief, both environmentally and economically. Tile Pro, you have our attention. Don’t lose it.

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker: design

At just 15.5g, 4.16cm square and 6.5mm thick, Tile Pro is tiny, as it should be, but remains sturdy enough to live on car keys without falling to bits. TravGear’s black textured version looked like new after three months attached to a keyring via its integrated loop. However, it’s not waterproof … Tile Pro vs puddle, anyone?

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker: performance

It’s really easy to set-up; remove from box, download the smartphone app, pair the two with a touch of a button, put Tile pro on something, and then forget about it. If the item you attached Tile Pro to gets lost you can use a Find button in the Tile app (for iOS and Android) to make it emit a ringing sound. It’s loud enough to hear even if it’s inside a bag. If you can’t hear it then the green rings tell you if you’re getting closer or not. And if it’s out of range it remembers where it was when it was last in range so you can trackback. But here comes the clever bit. If you still can’t find it, you mark it as lost in the app and if another Tile user comes within range of it you get a notification. That’s pretty smart. Thanks, Tile Community!

It works in reverse, too. If you can’t find your phone, double-tap Tile Pro, and providing it’s in range, the app gets the phone to ring even if it’s on silent. Careful though; ringing yourself in a theatre could be a disaster, which is why it’s a double-tap.

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker: conclusion

The new Tile Pro has a battery life of a year, and when that’s up you can replace the battery. That makes it a much more desirable product than the old disposable version. Quick to master and quick to forget about (but isn’t that the point?), Tile Pro is a useful insurance policy against your own stupidity.

Price as reviewed: £29.99