Thursday, April 18, 2024
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This super-slim flight bag dedicated to ‘legroom preservation’ is an novel carry-on organiser for those who travel with a tablet

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Who still checks-in luggage? OK, millions of people. Most people. Everybody except TravGear, it seems. Travel light – it’s good for you, and for the planet – and this website is packed with ideas for washing-and-wearing, and generally slimming-down your luggage into a capsule wardrobe. However, if you have no choice, you’re probably always at something of a loss with what to do with your in-flight essentials. So consider a MOS Nest, an all-new flight bag that’s just gone into production.

Interior design

The MOS Nest is iPad-sized. Clearly designed to take a large iPad, this novel flight bag has a U-shaped zip around the top that makes it easy to access a tablet. Reasonably padded without going crazy, inside are various pockets for other inflight gadgets – a zipped pocket for coins, keys, cards or a passport (though personally TravGear also keeps its passport closer), and a third elasticated area for headphones, charging cable, or even a small water bottle.

Outside pockets

On the back is a pocket for stashing a magazine or notebook, while on the side there’s a ‘secret’ zipped pocket that contains pull-out netting for storing a water bottle on the outside of the bag. Nice idea, though a permanent shrunken elasticated version would do just as well. There’a also a strap so it can be worn across the shoulder. Best of all, the MOS Nest is designed to be slim and stand-up vertically, so it won’t get under your feet.

What about laptops?

This is all great, and we do like the design, but it does ignore laptops. We tend to travel with a backpack that has a laptop compartment, but often fumble down the aisle trying to hold the laptop under our arm while finding somewhere to stash the backpack in an overhead compartment. So while the MOS Nest slim flight bag hugely appeals, for TravGear‘s needs, it’s just too shallow. That’s especially important because despite the god design, a bag this small isn’t going to store much more than can be shoved into most planes’ in-seat storage pouch.

Price as reviewed: US$29.95

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