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REVIEWED: OverBoard iPhone6 case

Waterproof case is functional, but a tight squeeze

OverBoard-wasserdichte-Handy-iPhone-Tasche-BlauIf you’re at all adventurous on your travels, you’ll be familiar with that moment when your wild plans have to be curtailed for the lamest of all excuses; you don’t want to risk braking your phone. Perhaps the most common is swimming, which is where the OverBoard case comes in.

Lightweight design

A simple plastic wallet that fastens at the top and has both a carabiner clip (to attach to a belt clip) and a neck strap, the OverBoard is a simple design that’s been around for a few years. What we like best about it is its foldable, lightweight nature; it’s no trouble to travel with.

Tight fit

Trouble is, it’s tricky to get the phone into the OverBoard case the plastic material is grippy rather than slippy – and size-wise, it’s a bit of a squeeze for an iPhone 6. When about to set-off on a kayaking trip around the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, we had a few problems opening the clips at the top, too, which are very tight. Undoing the top enclosure also means you’re holding several small parts in your hand, which isn’t ideal in the great outdoors.

Good concept

It is possible to control your phone’s touchscreen while it’s in the case, though who travels without some kind of case already on it? We had to leave our flip-over wallet case on the beach while we kayaked, which isn’t ideal. The OverBoard is a good concept, but it needs some refinements – chiefly an enclosure that’s easier to undo and keeps all parts of the case attached.

Price as reviewed: £18.75

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