Wednesday, May 22, 2024

REVIEWED: Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask

Pocket-sized plastic flask that lets thirsty hikers choose more booze

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Although I rarely take it abroad, you will not find me out in the mountains or the flats in any kind of weather without a hip flask in my back pocket. However, if your hiking buddy forgets to bring their booze, supplies can drain pretty quick. The Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask solves that problem by doubling-up the capacity, with 7oz/207ml inside a hard plastic shell.

Green thinking

Made from thick recycled and recyclable plastic, this British Racing Green-coloured flask has a single wall, so it won’t keep anything hot for very long. If you’re the kind of traveller who needs a cup of tea or coffee on the go, look elsewhere for something insulated – this flask is strictly for boozers only.

Easy care

It’s all very simple to use. The drinking spout is revealed by unscrewing the top, which is attached to the flask itself so cannot be lost. That’s the same as a regular hip flask, though this one doesn’t look anywhere near as good. However, it is much easier to use. On one side of the top is a lever that, when unclipped and lifted, slices-open the top of the flask, making it extremely easy to fill. It’s also dishwasher proof.

High capacity

This flask takes about twice as much as most hip flasks. It’s equal to just under two large glasses of wine, or just over four double measures of spirits. In our tests it didn’t leak during a four-hour hike, and it sat quite nicely in the back pocket of a pair of walking trousers, though it might be better thought of as something to put in the side pouch of a rucksack. Great for those overnight hikes where you want something left over at the end of the day, or just for thirsty hikers who (rightly) think that most tiny hip flasks are mere novelty, the Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask is a practical upgrade. If the choice is between a better-looking, metallic – and perhaps even engraved – traditional hip flask or one that takes twice as much liquid and is easier to fill and wash, we know which one we’d go for. Choose booze!

Price as reviewed: £12.99

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