Tuesday, May 21, 2024

REVIEWED: Cameralapse

Time-lapse made easy – complete with 360 degree panning

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If you want to produce something highly professional and highly unique on your travels, look no further than the Cameralapse.

Panoramic upgrade

At some point during your travels you”ll find yourself in a landscape so entrancing that you want to capture all of it, but panoramic photos are quickly becoming passé. Aim higher with the Cameralapse, a portable rotating stand that helps you take pro-quality 360° and shareable timelapse videos.

Any smartphone or camera

Taking 15 minutes to rotate 90° so a full hour to complete a 360° video, Camalapse attaches to any smartphone or compact camera using a small clamp tripod mount. A simple twist then begins the Camalapse on its magical journey. Better still, the Camalapse requires no batteries, making it a great low maintenance gadget for long journeys.

Price as reviewed: £27.99

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