Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Monster PowerCard

Credit card-sized battery for a smartphone is travel-friendly, but lacks capacity

10Doesn’t your phone always run out of juice when you need it most? Monster’s PowerCard is designed to give Android smartphones nothing more than a gentle top-up when you need it most – such as after a heavy browsing session while on the train or bus, or at the end of a night out.


Sized like a credit card, this 19x89x159mm device isn’t quite slim enough to fit in a wallet, but does make a nice home of a pocket or handbag.

50% charge

It’s actually a pretty small on portable power, though in our test the PowerCard’s 1,650mAh capacity managed to refuel an iPhone 5S to just over half-full, which isn’t bad for such a small product. It gets a little warm as it does so, while recharging itself via an included (and very short) Micro USB cable does involve a lot of flashing blue LEDs. The PowerCard comes in silver, red and black.

Price as reviewed: £35

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