Sunday, April 14, 2024
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REVIEWED: Energizer XP4006 Portable Power Tab Charger

Portable and easy to carry, this battery holds an entire extra charge for a smartphone

Energizer XP4006 Portable Power Tab ChargerA 4,000mAh battery going for under £40 is decent value, more so because this Energizer is flat and primed for east storage on the go.

Just 21mm slim

At 21mm slim and weighing just 110g, the Energizer Portable Power Tab Charger – which itself looks like an smartphone in both size and style – has a Micro USB slot that recharges it in about four hours.

Two USB slots

It does, however, have two USB outputs, so can push some power into two devices at once. If you do that it’s probably best to feed two smartphones; though one of its USB slots manages 2.1 amps, in our test we took an iPhone 5S to full charged status, and then an extra 10% on top.

Gives 110%

A gadget that literally gives 110%, a small backlit display shows exactly how much charge is left in the Portable Power Tab Charger.

Price as reviewed: £40

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