Sunday, June 23, 2024

REVIEWED: Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad 2, 3 & 4

Solar-powered wraparound keyboard case isn’t the streamlined business traveller’s gadget that it could be

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With a solar panel on its front capable of providing enough keyboard power for a stunning two years, the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio aims to provide protection as well as a convenient keyboard. It uses a magnet to instantly switch an iPad on and off when the folio is opened, and can act as an iPad stand in two different positions; the first uses a groove above the keyboard for work, and the second, more laid-back position uses grooves either side of the space bar for movies.

Made to move?

It’s made to move, but it’s a bit of an awkward traveller. We used it with an iPad 4, which created a 1.1kg gadget. That’s not ideal, but the real problem isn’t its chunkiness. The iPad clips into the rubber surround well enough, but the whole thing instantly becomes a bit unwieldy; open the folio and the weight of the iPad

Typing issues

Getting the iPad into position for typing isn’t as easy as it should be. It uses two tiny rubber feet to slot into a ridge above the 24x9cm keyboard, but the weight of the iPad makes it a tad unbalanced. It’s also a bit too upright for our tastes – and sadly it can’t be adjusted.
Once propped-up into position it’s easy enough to type for reasonably long periods, but the hard button keys can grate after a while – they’re pretty harsh-sounding, and loud.

Pairs automatically

It pops up as ‘Logitech KB Solar Folio’ on an iPad and pairs automatically when selected, with no need for entering any numbers on the keyboard itself. After that the connection is instant, and holds well. The second stand positions, for movies, sees the rubber feet clip into two grooves, but leaves accessible the media keys for operating the iPad’s volume and movie navigation keys. It’s also got a space for the camera ans a perforated area over the speaker.

Cumbersome & pricey

It just seems cumbersome in use, as if in trying to do too much (especially with those less-than-stable stand positions) it fails to be the streamlined business traveller’s gadget that it could be. It’s also worth noting that it seems a great idea for a business trip, do remember that most – if not all – airlines ban the use of all Bluetooth equipment during flights. The solar power is a nice idea that takes out a cable from your overnight bag, but this is a heavy and slightly ill-thought out case that could irritate. It’s also wildy expensive.