REVIEWED: Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves

For hikers, bikers, and outdoor-likers, these gloves will save your fingers from freezing

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If you like to go exploring during the depths of winter You’ll know the pain of having to take off your gloves to operate a smartphone. Cue these touchscreen gloves, which are made using a conductive material that has a particularly low resistance. Consequently, they can transfer electricity from your fingertips to a smartphone’s conductive touchscreen. That might sound like complex science, but actually, all it means is that various parts of the gloves need to be made with particular types of fabric.

Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves: design

Usually, thermal touchscreen gloves have only a few usable zones on them, typically the thumb and the index fingers. However, unlike most, the Moshi Digits use conductive fiber on all eight fingertips and both thumbs tips.

Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves: features

TravGear also loves the S-shaped line of silicon – called GripTrak – which is embedded into the palms of both gloves, which instantly add a level of grip which is essential when you’re out in freezing conditions holding an expensive smartphone in woolen clad hands. Inside the Moshi Digits is microfleece, which is extra-warm and extra-comfy.

Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves: conclusion

Available in either light or dark grey, and in small, medium and large sizes, the Moshi Digits are great for travel in cold climates, and in our test they proved easy to both securely hold a phone and operate its touchscreen, camera etc. However, note that the microfleece they use inside does make them very warm. That’s great for the depth of winter, but by springtime they’ll be overkill.

Price as reviewed: UK£29.95/US$29/95
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