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REVIEWED: MP Magic Premium Socks

These odourless socks can be worn for days, but always have a whiff of magic about them

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Traveling light is all about wash ’n’ wear. Learn this trick and you’ll never find yourself settling for bad accommodation because you can’t be bothered to lug a heavy backpack any further up a hot street again. Travelling with only a small backpack means taking good quality and exceptionally versatile, quick-drying clothing. Or clothing that doesn’t even need washing, like the MP Magic Socks, which are infused with silver, copper, and zinc. They claim to have antibacterial properties that keep them odour-free for multiple days without washing. Do they really work?

MP Magic Premium Socks: comfort

These are the most comfortable socks ever. So much so that TravGear is struggling to keep them just for travel. The contoured foot has a slightly padded heal fit perfectly holding the sock in place under a range of footwear (though TravGear didn’t try them with sandals). They’re even designed to fit left and right, and are clearly marked. The elastic top is comfortable without being too tight, and the mesh upper on the foot helps keep feet cool on a hot day.

MP Magic Premium Socks: style

The Premium Socks come in dark grey, with blue accents, and there are washing instructions on the foot. Not that they’re difficult to wash (you just wash them at anything up to 40 degrees), but it’s good to be reminded.

MP Magic Premium Socks: performance

You have to be brave to wear the same socks for five days straight, and then even more brave to ask an extremely tolerant travelling companion to give them a whiff to make sure there’s no odour. We tried this, and believe it or not, there was no smell. Not a bit. Better still, they maintained their shape and fit for five days. They could probably have gone a few more days, but it was time for a wash. Thankfully, they air-dried overnight, as you would hope for travel-friendly clothing. Afterwards, they looked as new, with no signs of stretch or pilling to be found. The makers claim that they remain 97% effective after 50 washes.

MP Magic Premium Socks: conclusion

Invest in a couple of pairs of these and never again will you fill your backpack or suitcase with unnecessary pairs of socks. Most definitely a TravGear must-have.

Price as reviewed: $TBC
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