Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: MP Magic Socks

These ‘metal infusion’ antibacterial socks are good for a week of stink free travel

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Wash, wear. Repeat. For anyone wondering how people ever travel light, look at how much underwear you take on a trip. If two weeks away means packing 14 pairs of socks and underwear, you’re doing it wrong. However, travelling with just a couple of pairs of underwear and adopting a wash-one-where-one philosophy only gets you so far. At some point, you are going to be in a situation where washing and drying clothes is just not possible. Cue the MP Magic Socks, which you can wear for days and days at a time without them smelling. No joke!

MP Magic Socks: design & features

Having already tried the Classic MP Ankle socks and the Classic MP Crew, TravGear opted to try-out the new low-rise sporty ankle sock from MP. The socks are very well made and comfortable to wear, and there’s a mesh on top to aid with air circulation. On the front is the branding, an enormous MP MAGIC in capital letters, which isn’t very welcome, but aside from that we were impressed. There’s even a reinforced lip at the back of the sock to make them even more comfortable. The fabric contains Lycra, which makes them even more comfortable, but the key design technique here is metal-infusion, which makes these socks antibacterial, odourless, moisture-wicking, and quick drying.

MP Magic Socks: performance

Hard travel can so often mean very smelly socks, but the MP Magic Socks are an unexpected exception. They’re infused with silver, copper and zinc, integrated with a mineral substance, to create an antibacterial fabric. It also helps them be durable, while creating a breathable design. Taken on a week-long business trip, the socks were worn for six days, and at no point did we have to break into the backup socks we had bought along just in case (or, indeed, stick a peg on our nose). Even better, they easily dried overnight in a hotel room.

MP Magic Socks: summary

Socks infused with silver, copper and zinc just became a travel essential. Go buy a pair – it will change the way you travel.

Price as reviewed: from US$42 for a six-pack
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