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REVIEWED: Onkyo E700M earphones

These aluminium in-ears with microphone make a good value choice for trips, but don’t expect longevity

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What do you look for in earphones? Something that will last forever and give you the finest sound quality possible? Or, knowing that you’ll probably drop them in an airport/leave them in a hotel room/crush them by accident, do you always choose cheap-and-cheerful earphones? Onkyo’s E700M are pitched more towards the latter type of traveller, but nevertheless impress for the money.

Onkyo E700M earphones review: design

A Japanese audio brand, Onkyo has been heading down-market for some time, and the E700M are, in fact, manufactured under licence by Gibson rather than by Onkyo itself. Fitted with a 1.2m long twisted cable, the E700M feature an in-line control for volume and track-skipping, but that’s also where you’ll find the microphone for hands-free calling. It all works well. They ship with three pairs of silicone caps, a pair of Comply foam tips, and a small carry case.

Onkyo E700M earphones review: sound quality

The speakers themselves are comfortable, and their inner 13.5mm high power drivers are capable of delivering a versatile soundstage. From acoustic to rock and back again, the E700M’s delivered crisp audio with plenty of mid-range and low frequency in a very balanced sound.

Onkyo E700M earphones review: conclusion

Weighing a mere 18g, the 132x225x44mm Onkoy E700M’s are perfect for coiling-up and placing in a top shirt pocket ready for a flight. Will they last forever? No – they’re probably too flimsy for that – but they’re very comfortable and sound quality is plenty good enough for a year or two on the road.

Price as reviewed: UK £75

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