Friday, April 19, 2024

REVIEWED: Coofit waterproof backpack

This well-made and great value waterproof ‘Oxford casual’ daypack combines build quality with great organisation – and it even stores a big laptop

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Backpacks don’t need to be expensive. Currently selling on Amazon for just over $30 is the Coofit, a simple  and impressively hard wearing backpack that’s packed full of features.

Build quality

Despite being made of nothing more than nylon, the fabric used by the Coofit is particularly hard wearing. So much so that it’s waterproof. However, there’s more to the Coofit than material. The zips are tough and good quality, and each has a loop attached to make it easy to tug in a rush. It measures 33×14.5x43cm / 13×5.7×17-inches.


On the outside of the Coofit are two water/umbrella pouches, one on each side. They’re essential additions to any bag in TravGear’s opinion (who doesn’t travel with a bottle of water and an umbrella when travelling?). On the front of the Coofit is a very roomy compartment that could, at a pinch, take a small tablet (and certainly a phone or two), although it’s probably a better place to store snacks or lunch. On the top of the Coofit is a grab handle, something you don’t often find on backpacks, while pitched next to it is a small pocket that’s handy for stashing things you need easy access to (or perhaps a pair of sunglasses).

Middle ground

The middle compartment is the most impressive  part of the Coofit. This is the organisational pocket, and includes a nice detachable keyring fob, a large section for storing a tablet, a couple of phone-size pockets, and even two pen pockets . There’s also a small mesh pocket secured by a zip, though it’s far to small.

Main event

The Coofit’s main compartment is nothing to shout home about, comprising just a halfway elasticated area that can take a 15-inch laptop. It actually makes the Coofit offer the best of both worlds; it’s easily able to take a laptop, though it doesn’t dominate the design, or pigeonhole the bag as a laptop bag. You could easily put a couple of shirts in this area, or just ignore the pocket altogether because it’s very low-slung.

Other features

It also features some decent straps on the back, adequate padding on the back, and four handy compression straps on each side to keep the bag as small as possible.

Well designed though never over-engineered, TravGear recommends the tough and great value Coofit for casual use about town, and for short trips.

Price as reviewed: US$30.98 / UK£25.99

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