Saturday, July 20, 2024
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REVIEWED: Peli Vault C12080

This extra-tough case for the iPad Mini 1/2/3 makes a tablet fit for travel in more ways than you might expect

The Vault is well-named. It leaves little to chance, clamping around an iPad Mini 1/2/3 (there’s another for the latest iPad Mini) and keeping it safe against drops, water, dust and anything else you can throw at it.

Fit for travel

That’s awesome – tablets are expensive and fragile – and if you’re planning on travelling with your tablet, it does the job. In fact, it probably goes to far  in the 360º protection stakes by claiming a lifetime guarantee and US military-grade protection – MIL-810G (but why is it always US military? Are they clumsier than others?) and also IPX4 (water) and IPX5 (dust). There’s a built-in screen protector, the lid closes tightly and all ins and outs have dedicated covers. However, there’s more here than simply protecting against drops, dust and water.

Great for photography

It’s also helpful for folks who like to use their tablet for photography (BTW you still all look do stupid), for stargazing with planetarium apps (you guys have the right idea), and for anyone who likes to use their tablet as en e-reader.

Up in the air

But it’s truly awesome for the journey. The lid, which snaps into place around the iPad Mini, peels all the way back and around to provide a tough kickstand. Cue movies on the tray tables of planes, trains and coaches and, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, some work.  At 8.72 x 6.71 x 0.71-inches/22.1 x 17 x 1.8 cm and 10 oz/283.5g is does seems a bit bulky, but the disregard you can adopt for your iPad Mini’s well-being is well worth it.

Simple design

However, what we really like about the Vault it that it’s just so simple. It’s completely obvious what it does, and how it works, and there’s absolutely no way you can break it. Which makes it perfect for everyone at home or while travelling – but especially kids, clumsy people …  and anyone who’s borrowing your iPad.

Price as reviewed: UK£57.93

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