Wednesday, May 29, 2024

REVIEWED: Moshi Arcus day pack

A sleek daypack for travel that can be turned into a professional photography bag, a genius modular design makes this perfect for travel

Oh man, our DSLR cameras out of fashion! As every man, woman and his dog migrates to smartphones for travel photography, and leaves their DSLR to gather dust at home, backpacks made for bulky manual cameras are becoming rare. And, well, they were always badly made anyhow … until now.

Sleek design

We still use a DSLR camera, and we probably always will, which is why we welcome this sleek and compact day sack from Moshi that’s nothing if not versatile. While most backpacks build for a DSLR are big, bulky and black, this pleasant bag is compact and sleek, with discreet zippered body-facing pockets and a padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop.

Camera conversion

OK, so it does cost an extra few quid, but buy the separate Camera Insert from Moshi and the Arcus becomes a DSLR camera bag in its own right. It’s able to store up to three lenses. Lined with microfiber for scratch protection, the Camera Insert features three customizable dividers to protect a DSLR body, lenses and additional accessories. And all that is then accessible through a side-loading zipper pocket, so all camera equipment is within reach without rummaging through the rest of the bag.

Secure pocket

If you were wondering if you needed a DSLR option, don’t fret; we’ve got something else for you. The Arcus also features two zippered pockets on the back, so when you wear it, they’re completely inaccessible – and so perfect for storing a passport and/or cash.

Modular magiv

Recognising that DSR cameras are falling out of fashion BUT still need to be used occasionally (say, if you want to actually take a GOOD picture!), the Arcus is perfect for using as a daysack and/or DSLY backpack when travelling.

Price as reviewed: UK£200/US$229.95 (bag) & UK£50/US$49.95 (Camera Insert)

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