Monday, July 15, 2024
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REVIEWED: Journi app


A refreshing attempt at overhauling the concept of writing a travel journal – and it even works offline

Journi - MyTripsDo you write a travel journal? Here at TravGear we’ve been scribbling down notes on our trips for years, and despite that fact that the last few days always get forgotten about (damn those in-flight movies!), we don;t plan to stop anytime soon.

Time for a change?

But the lure of Facebook et al as a replacement for a travel journal is big. Isn’t it just easier – and easier to share – if you upload your holiday photos and notes to social media? It is, but it tends to be just photos that make it up there … and we’re pretty sure that most of Facebook doesn’t want to know about our continual travels. Cue Journi. Journi - Timeline

Offline awesome-ness

Journi is an attempt at refreshing the whole concept of keeping a travel journal. It allows sharing of text and photos via email and social media just like other travel journal apps, but it’s primarily designed to work almost as well when the user is away from WiFi. It uploads photos and text automatically when it gets online next, which could be handy if you’re only online in the odd hostel and hotel (and the nearest Starbucks). J

Stamp of quality

In a nice retro move, Journi also includes country stamps, which lends its otherwise modern and stylish user interface a welcome retro feel.

Price as reviewed: free

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