Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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REVIEWED: Kenu AirFrame+ Leather Edition

Clip-on smartphone car mount ideal for rental cars

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Few of us us a sat-nav in our own cars, but if you rent a car  while travelling, you’ll probably end-up paying for a sat-nav. Why? Because no-one travels with an in-car phone mount with them … until now.

Easy installation

Because a rotating clip on the rear of the device pinches onto a slat on the air-vents of all in-car air-con systems, the AirFrame+ can be fitted into any vehicle. It’s spring-loaded, side to side, so can hold any phone bearing anything up to a six-inch screen. It measures just 69×48×25mm and weight only 28g.

Offline routing

The arrival of the Kenu AirFrame+ especially relevant given the Google Map app’s  new feature that lets you download sections of maps to your phone for offline viewing and, crucially, offline routing.

Doubles as a kick-stand

During our test in Andalucia, Spain, the Kenu AirFrame+ hosted both an iPhone 5S for navigation and an iPhone 4 for streaming Bluetooth music to a rental car’s built-in music system. We also shoved a credit card in the rear of the AirFrame+ to turn it into a hands-free stand to watch a video on the plane ride to Spain.

Extra charge

The only problem with the Kenu AirFrame+ is that the phone runs out of juice within a few hours. However, Kenu also makes the AirFrame+ Car Kit, which includes a Dualtrip, an ultra-fast USB charger that attaches to the cigarette lighter slot. However, even as it is the AirFrame+ – which weighs a mere 28g – is a nailed-on certainty in TravGear’s carry-on on our next city break.

Price as reviewed: US$39.95

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