Tuesday, July 16, 2024

REVIEW: Thule Atmos X4

This two-piece case for the iPhone 6 wisely keeps the screen protector optional

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iPhone cases come in two types; good-looking but pointless, and tough but ugly. Thule tries to break that mould with the Atmos X4, which offers protection without ruining the clean lines of Apple’s flagship device. At 84x10x163 cm and 45g, there’s not much to it.

Two-piece design

Key to the success of the Atmos X4 is its two-piece design. Any protective case without a screen protector isn’t really doing its job, but here Thule keeps that choice optional. The phone slips into a super-slim cradle, as with most cases, but this one rises slightly above the phone, which will protect well against scratches if the phone is placed upside-down on a table. However, the protective cover, which must be physically attached to the phone’s glass, can either be used or discarded.

Industrial look

The Atmos X4 has a slightly industrial look, and although it’s got a flexible style all of its own, it’s best used by those of us who will always go for protection and function over looks. Its armoured case has strong, rounded corners that will protect against drops from 2m while giving access to all buttons. However, it isn’t waterproof; the Atmos X4 is for backpackers, not adventure travellers.

Flash-proof cutout

That StratoShield cover, which guards against scratches and fingerprints – cuts out a little glare while not interfering with touchscreen responsiveness. Happily, there’s plenty of rom for the camera, too, with a flat enough surround not to reflect the flash. Just as functional as the Thule Crossover 25L and Thule Crossover Rolling 23″ Carry-On, the Thule Atmos X4 is highly practical and a surprisingly slim wraparound fit for a trip.

Price as reviewed: £49.99

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