Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Dropbox for travel

File back-up … and then some. The first and best cloud storage app can make travelling a breeze

We all know Dropbox. But do we actually know Dropbox? It stores files, on a cloud server someone in Texas, probably. So what? Remote access is the headline act, but there are dozens of ways that Dropbox can take a lot of stress and admin from a trip. All you need to know is some geek-grade #protips:

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Scan your passport & ID

Scan it using your phone, upload the image to a folder in Dropbox, and you’ll always have your passport to hand in case of loss, or for that endless form-filling that travelling entails.

Stop printing tickets, itineraries & maps

Although Apple’s Passbook is becoming a great resource for boarding passes and hotel reservation confirmations via, storing PDFs, tickets, maps and other travel documents in Dropbox is a must for all travellers. ‘Favourite’ the documents you need for a particular day for instant access.

Scan & upload expenses receipts

On business? Suitcase full of bits of paper? Scan receipts using your phone’s camera of a swish scanner app like GeniusScan, both of which integrate with Dropbox seamlessly. Throw receipts in the trash and deal with everything when you get home.

Nightly back-up of travel photos

Dropbox will auto-upload every single picture you take with your phone when you next get onto Wi-Fi using Dropbox¬†gallery app Carousel, or you can choose which ones to ‘cloud’ one-by-one. Quit scrolling through 100 pictures just to find the one you’re after by setting it as a Favourite.

Share photos with folks back home

Quit attaching photos to email, which takes time and bandwidth you may not have. Instead use Dropbox to send loved ones a link to view your travel snaps. A Dropbox app for the Chrome browser lets you do this natively from Gmail, which is such a time-saver if you’re using a laptop on weak Wi-Fi.

Always know travel companions’ plans

What time are your friends landing? By sharing a Dropbox folder with travel companions and each putting your flight confirmation/e-ticket/itinerary inside, you can all see what each other is doing.

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