Saturday, July 20, 2024
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REVIEWED: OverBoard Waterproof Map Pouch

D-rings on each corner and a carabiner make this pouch the ideal attachment for all-weather hikes and sailing trips

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You might think that map covers are all the same. Two sides of transparent plastic, plus a waterproof enclosure on one end; job done. However, many map pouches and document holders are beset by overcomplicated designs that make them very difficult to use and travel with. Not so this attempt by OverBoard, which manages to stay devilishly simple while remaining highly effective.


Measuring 297x117mm, the OverBoard is A3-sized, which is fairly large. Cumbersome? Possibly, though anyone folding an Ordnance Survey map will want a fairly wide area on show. The exception to that is if the map holder you’re using isn’t easy to attach to your backpack or coat. That’s not a problem with the OverBoard.

D-rings on each corner

Where the OverBoard triumphs is on having a D-ring on each corner, which makes it easy to attach to your person. That’s critical in windy conditions, such as on top of a mountain or at sea. It also comes with a simple carabiner clip to attach to, well, anything, though we’re thinking the chest strap of a backpack. Although it’s sold as a map pouch, this document wallet will be just as useful for photographers with shooting sheets and astronomers with star-charts and observing lists. 


Our only concern about this map cover is its waterproof enclosure, which isn’t heavy duty enough. Its flimsy closure is reminiscent of those found on freezer bags or airport toiletry bags, and is rather tricky to make completely secure. However, a couple of minutes spent pushing down the enclosure and the overboard waterproof map enclosure is 100% watertight. Great value and easy to attach to the map reader, regular users of ordnance survey maps or any other document you have to use outside should navigate their way to this simple pouch.

Price as reviewed: £16.49

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