Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: STM Dux case for iPads

Tactile and versatile magnetic case for all iPad models adds valuable protection

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Apple’s SmartCovers for its iPads are great-looking, but minimalism comes at a price if you’re travelling. Seeking to add some protection but keeping the same slimline design is this new cover from Australian company STM with its brand new Dux cover.

Bumper protection

Perhaps most importantly of all, the Dux weighs just 208g, so it’s hardly a heavyweight. By adding a bumper all around the iPad Mini – and a series of slim ridges on the reverse to keep it from touching the surface – the STM Dux instantly makes the iPad much more travel-proof. Drops, scratches and bumps during a journey are common, from shoving an iPad in an airline pocket to hurriedly stowing it in a jacket pocket or bag, but the polyurethane protection and tactile grip woven into the Dux shows that it’s been well engineered.

Magnetic closure

While most decent iPad cases have a magnetic enclosure that instantly and automatically switches-off its host’s power supply to save battery, not all of them can be trusted. The STM Dux leaves you in no doubt by wrapping a magnetic loop around the edge to fasten the case.

Versatile positioning

Although it’s a simple enough design, the STM Dux can be contorted into quite a few positions, from upright for movies to down low for typing. The headphones slot, on/off switch, volume rockers and speakers have cutouts and covers as necessary, and are all sensitive enough to operate easily.


Although the magnetism and general design are welcome, what’s unusual about the STM Dux is its rounded, reinforced corners, heavy-duty bumper and water resistant design that makes it a worthy travel companion.

Price as reviewed: £39.99-£44.99

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