Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13

Designed for a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, this gadget bag has pockets galore for dozens of gadgets, but’s lacks comfort

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The Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13 kinda misses the point. It’s got more pockets than we have gadgets, and it’s quite superbly designed using quality neoprene (the stuff a wetsuit is made from), but it’s just not very comfortable to wear.

Wide boy design

Let’s start with the sour stuff. The Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13’s back has a lot of padding to cover shoulder blades, and a gap in between to allows airflow. nice idea, but it doesn’t work; on a hot day around a city, we got a really sweaty back. That’s partly because the shoulder straps are actually attached to wings on the the front of the bag; hoisting it onto your shoulders effectively brings those flaps around the side of the bag, securing the zips from busy hands. Sadly, in doing so it pushes the straps away from the shoulder blades, which isnlt very comfortable.

Inner glory

That’s a shame because the Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13 is otherwise awesome. The best pocket is an easy access zipped area on the top that’s soft, and deep enough to take a pen, a smartphone, some keys and a pair of sunglasses. Perhaps a load of loose change. Two separate areas together include a padded envelop for a MacBook (or any laptop – and it’s also available as a slightly larger version to take a 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro), and plenty of neoprene pockets – all done out in a banana yellow – for snugly-fitting smartphones, earphones, etc. There’s no tablet slot as such, but there’s plenty of bigger sections to slip one.


Secretly stowed in a pocket on the undercarriage is a rain cover, which fits across the entire backpack without interfering with the extra-padded shoulder straps. There’s also a tiny, almost unnoticeable zipper between the shoulder straps at the top, which reveals a grab handle. Why hide it?

No expansion

And yet it’s hard to get much into the Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13 aside from gadgets, which makes us think of it more as a bag for commuting, going to meetings, and generally for work rather than play. A great design and a great build quality, but there’s something innately inflexible about the Be-ez LE Bag Pro 13 that restricts it to work trips only – and day trips, at that.

Price as reviewed: £90

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