REVIEWED: Canon 18×50 Image Stabilising binoculars

Intoxicating 18x magnification without a tripod and ideal for Moon-watchers and safari, but it comes at a high price

Canon 18x50 Canon 18x50 Image Stabilising binocularsWeather-proof and weighing 1.1kg, these hefty binoculars a absolute stunning. Completely losing the judder and jolt that we all can’t help creating when holding a pair of bins, Canon’s Image Stabilising system is so successful that it even works great at this very high magnification.

Ideal for Moon-gazers

Normally, we’d recommend you use nothing more than 10x magification for stargazing or bird-watching, but Canon’s Image Stabilising tech means the Moon can be put into focus and gazed at without any blur. It works just as well on distant star clusters and galaxies, too. It’s stunning stuff, and works well for general use and safari, too. With 18x magnification and a 50mm lens for a bright, detailed and wide field of view, the only drawback is an oddly shaped shoulder bag that should be of higher quality.

Camcorder tech

Canon’s optical Image Stabilising technology is the same used in camcorders and cameras, though it’s only activated by depressing a button on the bodywork. Once you’ve got the image in focus by using a knob, it’s then necessary to hold down a button just behind it – and the image magically steadies. It comes at a cost; two AA batteries need to be used, which get eaten-up pretty fast.


Yes, they’re heavy, and expensive. Massively expensive. However, if you want top magnification without having to mount a pair of binoculars on a tripod – something not exactly on the top of any traveller’s packing list – then these magical binoculars are for you.

Price as reviewed: £1,049

Buy the Canon 18×50 IS binoculars

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