Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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REVIEWED: Seidio Innocell Plus Combo for iPhone 5/5s

Offering rugged protection for travel and storing an 86% top-up charge, this wraparound falls down only on its restrictive earphones jack

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Since it claims to recharge an iPhone 5/5s and then some, I suppose we should be a little disappointed in the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo since in our tests it reached 86%. However, it’s such an easy to use dual purpose case that we’re inclined to recommend it to anyone after a bit more portable power.

Apple Lightning

A soft-to-touch rechargeable case that’s charged-up by micro USB, and has an Apple Lightning connector on the inside, the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo adds 75g to the 112g weight on an iPhone 5s. Under the hood of the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo is a 2,000mAh internal battery; as it charges up four blue LED lights flash one-by-one until all four are lit-up. It priorities its guests’ battery, so when you plug in the case, it first refuel the phone before its own battery.

86% charge

Once your phone’s gone down to single digit percentage power, give the button above the blue LEDs a three-second hold and  your phone will begin to buzz, and recharge. It’s important that you don’t let your phone discharge – if that happens, only mains power will wake it – and risking that is rather pointless anyway since there’s only an 86 percent charge available from the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo.

Made for iPhone

Discharging into the iPhone takes about an 90 minutes (roughly one minute per one percent), and you’re free to use the phone while this happens. The Seidio Innocell Plus Combo enjoys a ‘Made for iPhone’ certificate from Apple, though in our test we did occasionally (though not always) get a ‘accessory not supported’ message on the screen of our iPhone 5s. There’s an optional belt holster, too, which could be handy for tradespeople.

Tricky to undress

Putting the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo on and off an iPhone is partially tricky. Dressing is simple – all it takes is to put the phone inside, then snap the front on – but snapping it off again isn’t quite so easy, despite a small flap for a fingernail to prise it open. We’re also rather annoyed by the lack of an earphones adaptor that means only earphones with long, slim designs can be used; our Bose QuietComfort QC20i acoustic noise-cancelling earphones – with their L-shaped audio jack – can’t be used with the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo in place, a shortcoming that immediately makes this case useless for TravGear’s next long flight.

Great for long trips

Best left on an iPhone permanently, the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo makes a great option for long trips where you know you’ll run out of juice. Great for long flights and overnight bus rides – and adding much needed protection for a smartphone that every traveller should seek – it’s nevertheless best

Price as reviewed: US$69.95 (case + holster, US$79.95)

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