Thursday, April 18, 2024

REVIEWED: i’m Watch smart watch

The ‘first real smart watch’ has its own apps, but is no good at telling the time

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Price at time of review: £249

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This Italian-made watch – one of very few that uses a touchscreen – is all about browsing. Like the Cookoo and G2G, i’m Watch tethers to a smartphone using Bluetooth, but configuring features and apps in its i’market is via the i’m Cloud website.

Displays tweets

Updates are then downloaded the next time i’m Watch attempts a sync, which it does every 15 minutes via smartphone tethering. When it does, i’m Watch shows Tweets (though not pictures), Facebook updates and email on its 1.55-inch touchscreen, as well as a caller display when someone calls.

Tiny speaker

As well as a tiny speaker, i’m Watch has a headphones slot and even its own i’Music service. Though it only costs €9.99 for a year’s access, i’Music offers only playlists themed around an artist or band. Each song has to be physically downloaded, which is a long process; it’s far quicker just to drag ‘n’ drop some MP3s from a computer to the i’m Watch’s 4GB drive using a micoUSB cable.

No hands-free calls

It needs a recharge every day, but in return for what? There’s no option for text message alerts, hands-free calling doesn’t work, and the screen keeps falling asleep; i’m Watch may be smart, but it’s no good at telling the time.