PREVIEW: Energizer Power Max P16K Pro

Mobile World Congress 2018: A smartphone with a seven-day battery? Yes please …

8 - A phone that lasts all week copyMobile World Congress, Barcelona: What if you only had to recharge your phone once a week? That’s the thinking behind a new smartphone concept being developed under the Energizer brand.

Like FIVE iPhones

Called the Power Max P16K Pro, this 6-inch Android-based phone packs a whopping 16,000mAh battery. That’s about five times as much as an iPhone X. Due to go on sale in September, the Power Max P16K Pro is around 15mm deep, so considerably more than the average smartphone.

Cameras galore

However, despite its unique battery taking al the glory, elsewhere it’s a pretty advanced phone. 13-megapixel dual-camera arrays on both the rear and the front of the phone impress, as does its large on-trend 18:9 ratio screen.