Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel Mug 0.25L review

Easy to hold and small enough to fit under a coffee machine, this leak-free travel mug is perfect for travel pack pockets

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About 500 billion paper coffee cups are used every year and we frequent travelers know that our trips can involve a lot of unplanned wastage. Cue the travel mug, a refillable flask that you can use on trips. Does it leak? Can it fit under the coffee machines found in the likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee? Is it easy to travel with? Here’s why we think the Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel mug is the perfect travel companion. 

Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel mug: design

At 230g this travel mug is one of the lightest double-walled stainless steel thermal mugs available. For some the 250ml capacity may be just a bit too small, but if, like us, you drink strong coffee, it’s the perfect size. It’s 68mm in diameter, which is comfortable to hold or slide into the outside pocket of a backpack – that’s crucial. It’s also small enough to fit directly under most coffee makers, so there’s no need to dirty a jug or vessel to transfer from one to the other (something that barristers so often resort to when faced with travel mugs). However, 350ml and 470ml versions are also available. As you go up the sizes they get taller rather than significantly wider, with the 470ml version just 72 mm in diameter. On all sizes, the lid separates into three parts for easy cleaning. This takes a bit of getting used to ensure it slots back together nicely after washing, but it’s hardly rocket science. 

It comes in four colors; the classic Stanley hammertone green, a beautiful ice-blue, bright ‘zingy copper’, and a matt black version.

Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel mug: performance 

The best thing about this travel mug is that it goes safely into a dishwasher for a thorough clean on return from your trip away. That, and the fact that it’s completely leak-proof; just turn the top to the locked position and pop it in a pocket or handbag, and not a drop escapes. On test it was able to keep coffee hot for around 2.5 hours, so a little bit less than advertised, but its ability to keep drinks cold for four hours is spot on. 

The drinking edge is smooth and it flows safely. Providing the hole is pointed in the right direction there’s no risk of spillage. And while some won’t like the plastic drinking edge it’s actually quite comfortable and smooth to drink from … unlike many rival travel mugs. However, it can be fiddly when driving because opening the spout to drink requires two hands. There’s also a ‘trigger action’ version available in all three sizes, though that adds about 2cm to the height and additional weight, both of which make it less suitable to travel.

Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel mug: verdict

Our version has been battered around in the outside of a backpack for weeks and there’s still no sign of dents or paint chips. It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold, and durable. Barristers seem to like it, too, which means we’ve cut down on trash when we travel. Overall TravGear rates the Stanley Classic Neverleak Travel mug as perfect for all kinds of travel from commuting to work and conferences to road trips and outdoor adventures.