Thursday, April 18, 2024
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ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer brief review

Do you wash ‘n’ wear? These quick-drying boxers are perfect for super-light travel

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There are those who think quick-drying underwear is a load of pants. TravGear begs to differ, having spent two weeks on the road in the USA with two pairs of ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxers.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer brief: design

Quick-drying knickers aren’t new, but until now the dominant design of travel pants has been the Y-front. It’s easy to see why – they use less fabric – but after a few hours sitting in the same position on a bus or plane they can start to dig into your skin. The ExOfficio Give-N-Go are longer than previous designs from ExOfficio, and a touch softer, too.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer brief: performance

To test the quick-drying claim, we washed the ExOfficio Give-N-Go a few times during the trip, and each time they dried in a few hours (we used an indoor peg-less clothesline in hotel room bathrooms). We’re talking slightly heated hotel rooms here; it was just above freezing outside.

However, here’s the real trick; the Give-N-Go don’t smell. Wear them for three days and they’re really pretty good to keep wearing. The silky, soft material they’re made from seems resistant to stains, too (no, we didn’t test this to the limit).

ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer brief: verdict

So are they better than merino wool? Also on our trip was a pair of merino wool-fashioned Icebreaker Anatomica boxers. The head-to-head results were a draw – both Icebreaker and ExOfficio and super-comfy, super-light, and both easy to wash and quick to dry. However, in our experience, merino wool only lasts a year of even sporadic use until tears appear. So our money’s on ExOfficio in the pants department – and the Give-N-Go and the brand’s best (and best value) effort yet.