Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Reviewed: UGreen X-Kit CM359 foldable laptop docking station

This ultra-lightweight adjustable hub stand doubles as a 5-in-1 USB-C hub

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Working on a laptop for long hours is a pain in the neck. Designed to lift your screen as close as possible to eye level is the UGreen X-Kit, a laptop stand now on Indiegogo with plenty of unexpected features. Ideal for working from home and in hotel rooms, it’s portable and it will save your posture, but how does it rate? 

UGreen X-Kit: design

The world’s first foldable laptop docking station integrated with USB-C hub functions is sculpted from aluminium and is super-lightweight at just 283g. Its X-skeleton design is collapsible, too, so easy to travel with at just 254x56x25.5mm when folded. 

UGreen X-Kit: features

It’s key feature is, of course the integrated with USB-C hub functions. It’s got four height adjusters, the first for making typing more comfortable, and the others for propping-up a laptop when using a separate keyboard. It can take a 17-inch laptop. 

Compatible with Windows/Mac laptops, IPad Pro/Air/Mini, and Android tablets, ports include USB-C, two regular USB 3.0 outputs, HDMI, an SD card slot. micro SD card slot, and even a TF card slot. Happily, the HDMI supports 4K video so you can take high resolution desktop images from your laptop to a 4K monitor. That’s ideal if you’re hot-desking.

It also ships with a small bag, and a 50cm USB-C cable. 

UGreen X-Kit: performance

In use the UGreen X-Kit impresses. It’s sturdy when constructed and has silicon rubber feet that stop it from slipping on desktops. Ideally we would like an extra fifth adjuster step for tilting it at a slightly higher angle. 

UGreen X-Kit: conclusion

Despite its lightweight design the UGreen X-Kit is just as good for working from home as traveling with. With plenty of inputs, and 4K passthrough the UGreen X-Kit is worth its weight if you want to save your neck while on business or writing trips. 

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