Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Reviewed:MP Magic Merino Wool Socks 37.5

These 70% merino wool socks for travel keep your feet at 37.5ºC

Magic Socks are among the world’s best socks for travel—TravGear knows that from previous tests—but why would anyone want to keep their feet at a precise 37.5º Celsius/99.5° Fahrenheit? As well as being the ideal body temperature for humans, 37.5ºC it’s also the ideal relative humidity of the microclimate next to the skin. Now on Indiegogo, these socks are all about keeping feet warm in winter. 

MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5 review: design 

Available in light grey and dark grey, the MP Magic Merino Wool Socks 37.5 have an unusual design. There’s some reinforced stitching on the toe and reinforced knitting on the heel to guard against wear resistance as well as cushion protection on the sole for long walks, but the real innovation is mesh merino panels on the upper, which is what regulates the temperature. 

MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5 review: features

The main feature of these socks is merino wool, a natural fibre from Australia and New Zealand’s merino sheep, which the maker describes as “a gift from nature”. Too right! Natural materials are always are warmer by weight, but it’s merino’s ability to wick away sweat that makes it ideal for maintaining a constant temperature. However, merino can fray and tear rather easily so as well as using merino wool panels in specific parts of the work the fabric is 30% Lycra and Nylon, which adds durability as well as stretch. They also boast Naturetexx Plasma tech so they can be machine washable without shrinking.

MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5 review: performance

Having already reviewed the MP Magic Merino Wool Socks, TravGear was excited about trying these socks. Let’s get this straight—these are great socks for winter. Only. Worn in warm conditions they can get a little stuffy, but in cold conditions—a chilly house as well as outside in hiking boots—they work really well. They also proved really comfortable. 

MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5 review: conclusion

These socks will keep your feet warm, but there’s something else about merino wool that’s not talked about often and that’s its antibacterial properties. So as well as staying warm, your feet don’t smell … and for days on end. For travel, that’s a winner, and helps makes these socks worth considering for winter travel where everyday washes and changes are unlikely. 

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