Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Vissles-M portable monitor review

This super-slim portable monitor is perfect for working from home and for digital nomads working remotely

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Why do you need a portable monitor? It might seem like a luxury, but for frequent travelers who are currently stuck working from home, there are several reasons to buy a portable monitor like the Vissles-M for your PC, Mac, laptop, or smartphone. Whether you want to offload your email inbox or browser onto a separate display on a desktop, have a dedicated display for Zoom, or mirror a phone and so watch upsized movies, the Vissles-M portable monitor is great for working from home and for travel, too. It can also be used to make a smartphone into the ultimate mobile workstation.

Vissles-M portable monitor: design

A 15.6-inch portable monitor with a full HD 1080p touchscreen that’s among the slimmest and lightest available, the weighs 620g and is just an inch longer than A4 paper. It’s also a mere 5.3mm slim, and comes with a nice protective case that acts as a kickstand thanks to its magnetic design. On its sides it has two USB-C jacks, a mini HDMI jack and a 3.5mm audio jack. There are three cables in the box; USB-C to USB-C, a Mini HDMI to HDMI, and a USB-C power cable. 

Vissles-M portable monitor: features

It’s designed to be plug and play for a variety of devices, though there are a few limitations. With WindowsOS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux OS devices – including laptops, PCs and recent Android smartphones (such as Samsung, Huawei and Honor with the TV-out feature) – the Vissles-M monitor works as a 10-point touchscreen. It can be either a mirror of a device, or an extender. For Mac computers the touchscreen doesn’t work, but it still works OK as a second screen. It does work as a mirror screen with an iPad Pro, though not with iPhones. 

Vissles-M portable monitor: performance

Used on a desktop it’s a cinch; you just plug a USB-C cable into the side of the Vissles-M portable monitor then attach it to a laptop , Mac or PC and it just works. You can then decide exactly how you want to work, whether as a mirror or extender, using the settings on your computer. Easy. TravGear attached it to a recent Huawei smartphone are got perhaps the ultimate travel-friendly experience; the smartphone automatically went into ‘desktop mode’, essentially creating the experience of a desktop computer on the Vissles-M portable monitor’s display while the smartphone went into touchscreen mouse-mode. For anyone looking for the ideal occasional set-up in a hotel room, this is is. However, used as a second screen for any laptop the Vissles-M is worth its weight when on the go. 

Vissles-M portable monitor: conclusion

Easily slipping into a carry-on bag and weighing half the weight of a laptop, the Vissles-M portable monitor is the ideal travel gadget for anyone planning to do some occasional multitasking in hotel rooms, or go for a super-minimal set-up using a smartphone. However, it’s just as useful as an extender when working from home. 

Either way, if you’re currently working at home and waiting for a return to a time when you’ll travel regularly and need to set-up a makeshift office in hotel rooms across the world, the Vissles-M portable monitor is for you.