Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Ekster iPhone 11 Pro leather phone case wallet review

Able to store SIM cards and a tool, this all-in-one wallet-style phone case is perfect for travel

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If you’ve ever arrived in a country and had to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM to get online you’ll know exactly why TravGear loves this leather phone case for the iPhone 11 Pro. Sat behind the phone are two small slits that can store SIM cards, and another for keeping a SIM extraction tool. Now that’s clever; during TravGear’s last trip our all-important SIM card from home spent two weeks in a shirt pocket. Elsewhere there’s a lot to love about the Ekster leather wallet case for the iPhone 11 Pro. 

Ekster iPhone 11 Pro leather wallet case: design

The beauty of this case is in the leather used in its design. It just feels nice to hold, and the cutouts are perfectly positioned for access to the side button, volume buttons, Apple Lightning port, mic, and speakers. The iPhone 11 Pro’s camera on the back is protected from surface scratches when you put your phone down, but it doesn’t get in the way of the lens when taking photos. Likewise, a beveled front edge protects the screen if you place it face down, though a screen protector is always wise when using a case like this. Inside the case, as well as those SIM niceties there’s also a bit of space to slide a couple of emergency dollars behind the phone. 

TravGear loves the ‘juniper green’ option, but it also comes in classic brown, nappa black, and merlot red. 

Ekster iPhone 11 Pro leather wallet case: performance

On the outside of the case is a card slot that’s just about good for two cards, though one card works best. In today’s (almost) cashless society that will just about do for some people, though for travel you may need to pair this case with a dedicated card wallet to carry a driving license and back-up cards. You may find that plastic-wrapped cards get rubbed a bit since they’re not fully concealed when in-situ, but they’re easy to get out of the slot. 

As a bonus it‘s compatible with wireless charging, although the more cards you have stuffed in the back the more you may need to wiggle it around on the charger to ensure it makes contact. 

Ekster iPhone 11 Pro leather wallet case: conclusion

With those SIM card features, wireless charging, and a super-sleek all-leather design that’s always comfortable in the hand, the Ekster iPhone Pro leather case is perfect for compact and hassle-free travel when only the essentials are required. 

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