Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Sitpack Campster portable ‘everywhere chair’ review

A full-height, ultra-light chair for camping, festivals, fishing and photography

Give it a rest! Standing up all day is tiring, and whether you’re a walker, a hiker, a fisherman, a photographer or a festival-goer, that can make wet days exhausting. Cue the Sitpack Campster portable camping chair, a less-than-a-kilo portable camping chair that comes in the wake of the original Sitpack and the Helinox Chair One foldable chair.

Does it stand up to scrutiny?

Sitpack Campster portable camping chair: introduction

Hot on the heels of its Sitpack Zen one-legged portable chair comes Sitpack Campster, a three-legged version now selling on in readiness for availability in November 2020.

Sitpack Campster portable camping chair: design

Clocking-in at 970g, the Copenhagen, Denmark-based Sitpack have given Campster an impressive design. When folded-up it crams into a forearm-sized tube that has a shoulder strap, so it’s really easy to wander with. The package is also a good size for strapping to a backpack or camera bag. Unfurl it and it’s simply a case of letting the three telescopic legs unfurl. You then lock them into place and it’s ready to use.

Sitpack Campster portable camping chair: performance

The Sitpack Campster is capable of holding 136kg; we can’t vouch for that, but during our review, we had no problems. On first use, we were slightly nervous about the twist-and-lock design for the telescopic legs, but in practice they work fine. More important than anything else is that the Sitpack Campster is really comfortable. Much bigger than most occasional pack-up chairs, the seat envelopes your core and lets you lean back, meaning your body gets a good rest. It’s also easy to shift your position and move around within the chair.Our only criticism is that the bag it comes with is a little tight; getting the Sitpack Campster pack into it does require a little brute force.

Sitpack Campster portable camping chair: conclusion

Is the Sitpack Campster a novelty item? Sure, in a way, but its use of high-end materials and a fixation on a compact ultra-light design make it an impressive product for traveling light. From the anodized aluminum telescopic legs to the ripstop nylon and breathable mesh seat, this is a top-quality product that’s sure to work as a go-to emergency chair in a car, campervan, caravan or backpack for years to come.