Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Adonit V-Grip selfie stick reviewed

This selfie stick covers all angles and has something extra for travel phoneographgers

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The selfie stick era is over, we may all still be taking pics of ourselves but if we’re going to take plastic contraptions on a trip with us they’re going to have to do a whole lot more than just act as a stick. Cue the Adonit V-Grip selfie stick, which attempts to add 6 more functions that the humble selfie stick. 


The Adonit V-Grip selfie stick is no looker, it resembles little more than a cheap black plastic handle. However, it weighs less than 100g and measures about 12 cm long, and so fits easily into a shirt or trouser pocket. It’s basically an extendable multi-angled selfie stick attached to the back of a phone holder, but on a small rail that enables it to be contorted into several different positions.


There are 3 major design flourishes; a removable bluetooth shutter release remote on the top, a small hotshot for attaching a flash light or microphone, and on the bottom, a standard quarter inch tripod thread for attaching to a photographic tripod. 


In practice, you can use the Adonit V-Grip selfie stick simple as a phone holder. The selfie stick aspect folds up so well behind the support that it can be ignored if necessary. So, if you’re looking to hold your phone on a photographic tripod, this is a good choice. However, that handle and selfie stick do give the V-Grip a lot of versatility because of the myriad of angles and contortions it can be moved into. Ultimately you may not want to use the selfie stick, but it can be made to act as a tripod and support for a phone. 


Overall the V-Grip is a flexible and good value photography accessory that can be used by selfie stick lovers and serious travel photographers looking for ways to take different and better angled photos with their phones. It’s a shame the handle doesn’t have a tripod thread on the bottom as this would allow it to give extra height to a standard tripod. We were also slightly disappointed by the shortness which at 50 cm isn’t quite long enough.

A handy device for all types of travel photographers, and can also be used as an entertainment stand to support a phone on a plane tray table for watching TV or movies. 

Price as reviewed £24.99 / US $34.99