Friday, July 19, 2024
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Ekster Senate Travel Wallet Review

Travel wallets don’t come more minimalist or hold credit cards more securely

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If the art of travel is to pack light, then that also applies the best travel wallet. While some like to carry their money, credit cards, store cards, and the kitchen sink in their wallets when they travel, TravGear endeavors to do the opposite. Just take what you need – and that’s where the Eskter Senate comes in. 

Ekster Senate travel wallet: design

Are we moving towards a cashless society? TravGear hopes so because there’s no space here for coins, just notes tucked securely under an elastic band on the outside of the Ekster Senate. 

This cardholder travel wallet features a built-super light aluminum cardholder that fans out four (or maybe five) credit cards at the touch of a button. It’s a nice action. The savvy traveler needs a credit card, a debit card, an ID card or driving license, and maybe a health insurance card, so the Ekster Senate just about does it. If you’re desperate for more space there’s a handy elastic add-on that’s designed to hold a tracker (more on that later), but it can also be used for additional space. Once attached you can stuff as much as you want in it, but remember; lose one, lose them all!

The Ekster Senate also claims to protect these cards against skimming, but since TravGear is not an expert in credit card fraud we were unable to test this. It’s quickly become a standard feature on wallets, but has anyone ever suffered from their wallet being skimmed? Blank faces all round.  

Ekster Senate travel wallet: tracker

Losing your wallet when traveling could be a nightmare. We get that, and the addition of a Chipolo tracker means that you can connect your wallet to your phone via an app. Once paired, your phone and your wallet can talk to each other; you can ring your wallet, or look at a map to see where it last was. The tracker is lightweight and hardly noticeable when stuffed in the back of the holder, and it’s got a long lasting, solar-powered battery, so there’s a chance it may still work if you actually do lose your wallet.

Ekster Senate travel wallet: conclusion

Perfect for forcing you to choose only the essentials that you need when travelling, and then looking after them securely for you, the Ekster Wallet is one of the best travel wallets. TravGear loved the neat quick action card fan button, the leather looks and feels beautiful, and its compact design; it’s so light you may forget you’ve got it with you. 

Price as reviewed £61 / $69