Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: SunGod Vanguards ski goggles

Custom ski goggles that bring a widescreen experience to the slopes

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Ski goggles used to mean a total lack of peripheral vision, but that’s changing. Cue the SunGod ski goggles, which are available only from the manufacturer’s website. Luckily, that means a great customer experience that’s laser-focused on customization.

SunGod Vanguards ski goggles: ordering process

First, you specify the color of the super-slim frame as well as the style of strap, and then you choose from eight different goggle lenses. Each copes differently with the available light. It’s all about Visual Light Transmission (VLT) – the amount of light a lens allows to pass through – and you get various choices. Bear in mind that you’re probably only going to put ski goggles on when it’s snowing, so when the light levels are reasonably low, making the 4K0 Snow Clear probably the best option for most skiers.

SunGod Vanguards ski goggles: performance

Whatever VLT yo go for, the SunGod 4KO cylindrical dual-layer polycarbonate vacuum lenses all have one thing in common: they are huge. Seriously huge. So big, in fact, that you really should try them on with a helmet you’re about to purchase – don’t presume they will fit a helmet you already have. Otherwise, you’re probably going to squash your nose! Fitting perfectly on the helmet once donned on the slopes they work great, offering excellent contrast on snow that really helps with the seeing.

SunGod Vanguards ski goggles: conclusion

Widescreen goggles take away the fear that you’re about to be clattered from the side by a snowboarder going way to fast. They also visually open-up mountain environments. The SunGod Vanguards do all that and add some contrasty views of snow that help make skiing easier. However, it’s the neat customization options and one-day delivery that TravGear really loved.

Price as reviewed: US$144/UK£110
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