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CES 2020: the travel gadgets you need to know about

From a robot suitcase to an inflight sleep system, tech’s biggest annual convention is once again a hotbed of travel tech

The tech world descended on Las Vegas this week, with 180,000 people traveling around 4,500+ exhibitors across six venues. So here’s the latest, greatest, and the most travel-friendly tech new for 2020 in our pick of CES 2020:

1 – OVIS auto-follow suitcase 

How about a suitcase that automatically follows you wherever you go? That’s the promise from ForwardX Robotics, whose OVIS suitcase uses computer vision and artificial intelligence. Working up to 12 miles on one charge – about two round trips – and GPS-enabled tag for real-time tracking in the event of lost luggage, a smart band alerts the user if the suitcase is more than 6.5 feet away.

“We’ve implanted a pair of eyes and a brain into the OVIS suitcase and empowered it with the intelligence and cognition to tackle the complex problem of not just following its owner, but predicting their path, while avoiding obstacles,” said Nicolas Chee, founder, and CEO of ForwardX.

2 –  Cat S32 toughphone

Cat S32 is a tough and resilient smartphone packed with features for harsh or outdoor environments. Perfect for anyone who needs a phone to survive in extreme environments, the new Cat S32 offers key features a long battery life, market-leading rugged credentials, and a large and bright display. It has a big 4,200mAh battery, encased in a rugged body that is certified to IP68 dustproof and waterproof, tested to up to 1.5 meters of water for 35 minutes. Rugged to its core, the Cat S32’s bright 5.5-inch HD+ 18×9 display is protected by scratch-resistant DragonTrail Pro Glass.

CES Travel Gadget 2020
3 – Kokoon Relax Headphone

Who needs headphones when you can have sleephones? Combining bio-metric data and AI to deliver personalized audio to aid and protect sleep and relaxation, Kokoon changes the audio as the wearer falls asleep, fading out the content and introducing white noise to mask out disturbances. Also with active noise canceling, they’re ideal for listening to music or watching movies whilst traveling. At just 350g/12.03oz they make the perfect travel companion with folding earcups and an included carry case.

4 – X-Scooter LOM

A standing-type electric scooter, X- Scooter LOM is is a bit like riding a motorcycle, and a bit like skiing. It’s got either a 40km or 60km range depending on what battery pack you buy, you can recharge your smartphone while you ride, and there are 12-inch front and 10-inch back pneumatic tires for stability and agility on all surfaces and types of terrain. It also comes with a carrier.

5 – Fasetto Gravity

If only cars had WiFi and an inflight entertainment system. Cue Gravity, which creates a “multi-device ecosystem” that basically means that you can share video, music and more between smartphones all without the internet.