Thursday, July 25, 2024
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REVIEWED: MP Magic Merino Wool Socks

The world’s best socks for travel just got better

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Here at TravGear we love a pair of travel socks. Hot on the heels of some Magic Socks we’ve tried and loved before come a new style that’s altogether more substantial and uses our favorite travel-proof fabric of all – merino wool.

MP Merino Wool Socks: design

Let’s talk about merino. For this product, it comes from Australia-based sheep whose wool is warm and insulating and yet also brilliant at wicking away sweat to stay dry. As a bonus, merino wool is incredibly anti-odor, which makes their use in socks a brilliant idea, especially for travelers on multi-day trips without access to a washing machine. While most so-called merino wool socks actually only contain 50% merino, the MP Magic Merino Wool Socks have 82%.

MP Marino Socks: performance

For all merino wool’s pros, its major con is that it tends to degrade quickly. We couldn’t test for that, but know that the merino wool yarn in these socks has been plasma-treated to make it more durable, and in use, the fabric compares well to ‘standard’ yarns in hiking socks. Worn on a six-mile hike, the well-padded MP Magic Merino Wool Socks were comfortable, and by the end TravGear didn’t have sweaty feet.

MP Merino Wool Socks: conclusion

Perfectly soft and comfortable, the MP Magic Merino Wool Socks are antibacterial and – thanks to that plasma treatment – machine washable. Up to the task of a long hike and great for four-days without a wash, these are MP’s best magic socks yet.

Price as reviewed: US$19
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