Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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REVIEWED: RHA Wireless Flight Adapter

Have you got wireless noise-canceling headphones? Now add this.

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TravGear loves noise-canceling headphones. Their ability to block out 90 decibels of white noise on aircraft make them one of the most essential travel gadgets of all. However, while wireless models now dominate – and they are now allowed to be used on aircraft (contrary to popular belief) – in-flight entertainment systems do not have wireless capability. That leaves owners of wireless noise-canceling headphones literally left to their own devices when flying. Cue the RHA wireless flight adapter.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter: design

Airlines are bloody awkward, and for some reason still insist on having different in-seat audio connections for their inflight entertainment systems. Created by Glasgow-based audio company RHA, the wireless flight adapter is a small device that attaches to an inflight entertainment system using either one or two of its 3.5 mm jacks, each of which can fold away as necessary. It then broadcasts a Wi-Fi network that a pair of wireless headphones can link to. If the two jacks in the airline’s in-flight entertainment system are of different sizes, the RHA wireless flight adapter merely plugs into one of the audio jacks, and simply creates a mono wireless sound to tune into. Either way, never again will you be forced to watch a movie through one ear of a pair of poor quality headphones when flying. Hurrah for that, though it would be nice if the device also had a 3.5 mm output jack so users of wired noise-canceling headphones could also benefit from that skill.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter: performance

Weighing a mere 23g, charged up via USB-C and with a 16 hours battery, the RHA wireless flight adaptor uses Bluetooth 5, which has a range of about 10 meters (so sit near the toilets and you can wear them for the entire flight). A press of one button powers it on and it instantly gets pairing with a pair of headphones nearby. In our test TravGear didn’t experience any reliability issues or lag, and the sound quality was excellent. As a bonus, it actually works with any device that has a 3.5 mm output.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter: conclusion

It’s a classic “why did no-one think of this before?’ pocket-sized product. If you often travel with wireless noise-canceling headphones and find yourself limited to using your phone, the RHA wireless flight adapter is an essential purchase. Allowing you to watch movies on the in-flight entertainment system without having to resort to the terrible headphones given to you by the airline, this small and thoroughly effective device that’s capable of revolutionizing your experience of in-flight audio.

Price as reviewed: UK£39.95 / US$59.95