Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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REVIEWED: Aydya PortaScent Refillable Travel Perfume Atomiser

A compact and clever travel-size perfume atomiser spray bottle

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It’s not practical – or even legal – to fly with massive 150ml perfume and aftershave bottles if you’re trying to travel light. The bottles are way too big to go in hand luggage, and that’s a shame since some of the most exciting nights out could well be when you travel. Cue PortaScent, a tiny bottle that’s easy to fill and lasts for 120 squirts.

Aydya PortaScent: design and features

Made of aluminum and sold in silver, pink, gold and black, PortaScent can hold 5ml of perfume of aftershave. The size of a lipstick, it easily slips into a pocket or a washbag.

Aydya PortaScent: performance

PortaScent’s pump-to-fill tech is really easy to use. You remove the nozzle on both PortaScent and your perfume/aftershave bottle and fit them together. By pushing down PortaScent, it activates the other bottle, and the liquid enters its chamber. It’s really easy to do and in our test there was no mess or leakage. Ditto traveling with PortaScent, which was clean, simple and effective.

Aydya PortaScent: conclusion

Designed for travel, but just as handy for the car, handbag and gym bag, Portascent is an ingenious and good value little device that’s exactly the kind of product TravGear loves. Simple to use and totally reliable, Portascent smells like a bargain.

Price as reviewed: £7.99
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