Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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REVIEWED: Pale Blue rechargeable batteries

Still using throwaway batteries? Here’s a green (and blue) solution

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Batteries are becoming increasingly irrelevant, but it’s about time we ditched throwaways and embraced rechargeable batteries. The trouble is, rechargeable batteries that require a cradle, take an age to charge-up, and lose their charge pretty quick. So they’re rubbish for travel. Cue the Pale Blue rechargeable batteries, which do something very different.

Pale Blue batteries: features

Pale Blue is an ingenious set of rechargeable lithium polymer batteries – available as AA and AAA – that can be refueled via micro USB. They have a capacity of 1,560 mAh (AA)/450 mAh (AAA), measure 49×14 mm (AA)/43×10 mm (AAA) and weigh 17g (AA)/7g (AAA).

Pale Blue batteries: performance

They go a bit further than ‘save the world’ skills though, being able to refuel in a really short time; under an hour for AAA, and under two hours for AA. They ship with a four-pronged USB-micro USB cable, and can themselves be recharged off a portable battery.

Pale Blue batteries: conclusion

Have you got anything in your travel bag that uses AA batteries? If you do, it’s likely that you’re always carrying a pack of spares just in case. However, most rechargeable batteries are unreliable, take forever to charge, and can’t hold that charge for very long. Pale Blue has solved these problems with reliable, fast charging, high performance Lithium cells.

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