Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow review

Soft foam and a travel-friendly form factor make the Bullbird BR2 travel pillow worth considering

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Urgh. Travel pillows. You can buy one at every airport in the world, but how many of them work? Zero. Perhaps it’s a more personal choice than TravGear gives credit, but travel pillows just seem so awfully difficult to get right. Plus, carrying them around is a pain. Smaller than most for that very reason, can the Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow succeed?

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow: overview

The standout feature of this travel pillow is its size or lack of. Weighing just 192 g, this combination of foam and plastic has a grab handle in its center. The thinking is that a travel pillow needs to be gripped, but also doesn’t need to have much in the middle because it’s essentially there to support the traveler’s head, neck, and back. It’s been ‘ergonomically designed’ – of course, it has – and it uses memory foam. Or does it?

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow: in use

This is a pillow that, instead of cradling your head, tries to fill the gap between an airline seat’s headrest and the user’s neck. It’s a filler pillow. In use there’s no sign of memory foam; the foam inside this pillow springs back instantly into position so has no memory at all. That said, it proved reasonably comfortable when propping up TravGear‘s head, but not in a plane … in a car. When used against a seat’s headrest that has a bit of give in it, the Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow appeared to work quite well, largely as a prop to keep our head in the same position. When used on a plane against the slippery, rather flat economy class seat headrest of a British Airways flight, it didn’t fare so well. So did we use the dorky strap that attaches around the back of a headrest to prevent ‘head fall’? Of course, we didn’t! That would be a gross intrusion into someone else’s incredibly limited personal space.

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow: conclusion

It’s yet another travel pillow that will depend a lot on personal taste, head size, and neck length, but TravGear would recommend you give it a go. It’s easy to carry; we strapped it onto the back of a carry-on backpack and forgot all about it, then stowed it in a suitcase for the remainder of the trip.

Price as reviewed: US $59.99 / UK £49.99