Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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REVIEWED: Sony XDR-P1 portable DAB radio

Small, compact and rechargeable via micro USB, this is the perfect radio for The Ashes summer

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Sony XDR-P1: overview

If you’re in the UK or Europe, digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio is the new default. Replacing FM, AM and LW, DAB – and the higher bitrate DAB+ – is now how it’s done. Though mostly used in the home, DAB radios are now being designed that are so small that they can be used while out and about. The most obvious beneficiaries are sports fans, who when stuck in a full sports stadium have no hope of getting enough bandwidth to listen to online commentary on their smartphones. Cue this palm-sized DAB radio from Sony.

Sony XDR-P1: features

Although you can buy ‘personal’ DAB radios that require headphones, the Sony XDR-P1 is the best of both worlds. As well as weighing just 169g, it’s got a 1.5W speaker on one side, and a headphones jack on the other, so you can choose. It’s also got 20 preset stations, though only three shortcut buttons that are truly convenient. However, that should be enough for most users; sports fans in the UK are going to want to tune-in to BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Xtra, and possibly TalkSport (if you have to slum it).

Sony XDR-P1: in use

In a stroke of genius, this Sony radio has an internal rechargeable battery. It runs for about 20 hours when being used with headphones and about 15 hours if you rely on its speaker. To recharge it, you simply use a micro USB port and plug it into a computer, a USB plug, or even a portable battery (if you’re heading to the cricket, definitely take along a portable battery for that purpose). There are some volume rockers on the side, an extendable aerial, and a nice fold-out flip-stand for positioning it on a table.

Sony XDR-P1: conclusion 

It’s pricey, yet well made, though its standout feature is undoubtedly its small size. However, what TravGear really appreciated was the rechargeable internal battery, which added a lot of convenience.

Price as reviewed: UK£70
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